Glamour and Elegance: a sea holidays for a "refined" people

Located 4 km from the Olbia airport, at the door of the marvellous Costa Smeralda, the Marina d'Olbia (our base) is probably the most comfortable starting point in the yachting world.

With a simple 5' transfer you will feel already on vacation as soon as you arrive, in one of the most luxurious holidays in the world: in summer 2021 The Financial Times evaluated the yachts mooring along this coast worth 4 B US$ value.

Princesses, Bankers, Entrepreneurs, Sheiks, Showmen and Sportists spend months of holidays in this area, well reknown not only for the incredible crystal waters resembling Polynesia, but also for the glamourous night-life offered by the breathless marinas & restaurants. Charles Leclerc, Valentino Rossi, Bill Gates, Oprah Withney, Nasser Al Attyah, John Elkann, Silvio Berlusconi, Princes Charles of Wales, Eros Ramazzotti, Cristiano Ronaldo and many others will be swimming beside your yacht.

Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo MARINA
La Gallura is the northeast coast of Sardinia, famous for its sparkling life from sea to elegant piazzas, the very best in terms of tourist attractions. The studded coastline opens into the emerald waters of the Costa Smeralda and onto small coves hiding small beaches of golden sand.

Let yourself be enchanted by the mornings cradled by the waves, by the afternoons immersed in relaxing walks around the small elegant boutiques and by the evenings strolling the streets and small squares of Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, illuminated by the starry night sky.

Poltu Quatu MARINA

Certainly it has been a Pirates hidden cove in the last centuries, nowadays is a miniature of Porto Cervo for elegance and quality of its shops and restaurants. It’s very narrow and the rocks around it are lightened in the night with coloured beams, making the whole Marina a very spectacular place to stay.

La Maddalena island

An ideal destination and a must on any Sardinian itinerary you chose. The island of Maddalena is renowned for its beaches and is connected to the nearby island of Caprera by an elevated road. The beaches of Spalmatore and Bassa Trinità are very famous and spectacular to visit.

Caprera island

This island is an integral part of the archipelago of the Maddalena and is a protected nature reserve. Famous for being Giuseppe Garibaldi’s last home, boasting an un-spoilt landscape; a jagged coastline divides the island into two parts: wilder and less practical the eastern area screened by rocks and natural Mediterranean vegetation, much more attended and ideal for families is the western side of the island, studded with fine sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

Spargi island

Spargi is certainly one of the locations to visit. Approachable only by sea, includes numerous small islands like Spargiotto and Spargiotello which attract a lot of interest, as do the many coves caressed by the transparent waters, many vibrant colours and enchanted beaches. Proceeding along the coast line you will encounter a multitude of incredible locations like Cala Corsara, Cala Soraia, Cala Granara, Cala Conneri and the battlements of Punta Zanotto, camouflaged by the boulders and thick vegetation.

Santa Maria Island
A big cove (named in the same way), will welcome your yacht with a small shop and restaurant in the bay. Perfect for mooring with west winds, it’s a mix of green emerald, light  and dark blue waters.

Santa Teresa di Gallura MARINA
It’s the port most Northern in Sardinia, facing Corsica (France), which is just 10 nM away. It's small and cosy, especially the upper part of the Village, where you will find shops and traditional restaurants for any budget and style.

Lavezzi island (Corsica)

This hamlet protected by small uninhabited islands seems to have been created for lovers of calm waters.
Rugged beauty apart, splendid natural swimming holes of the island and panoramic stretches of sand on which to enjoy a sunbath or long sunset swims.

La Piantarella cove (Corsica)
The most crystal clear waters are here: this small island can be reached on foot by walking in the water 1 m deep. The transparency of the waters is incredible and the scenery too, facing the luxury Golf Club Sperone with its green fields and VIP villas facing the cove.
Porto Vecchio MARINA (Corsica)
In this area you will find one after another of beautiful paradise like beaches of white sand and emerald waters, immersed in spectacular uncontaminated and often wild panoramas. To these add a myriad of hidden coves concealed along the cliff edged coast line, little corners of poetic peace.
Santa Giulia cove (Corsica)

The water is exceptional shallow and calm, with small areas of corral reef which are easy to pass over. Santa Giulia is the ideal beach for small children, therefore a very popular destination for families.
Rondinara cove (Corsica)
Santa Manza is a gulf formed by sandy beaches and small coves about 5 nM from Bonifacio. Famous for its crystal clear sea, white sand and luxurious nature, representing a wonderful union of intense colours and perfumes, both from sea and pine forest that often protect the coves. A great restaurant stands direct on the beach, but get there with bare foot!
Bonifacio MARINA (Corsica)

Although officially part of France this city has a very Italian character and incredible bright cliffs. With many places to choose from to have fun in the evenings and nights, a large selection of restaurants in which for an “authentic taste of Corsica” you will be able to taste many local recipes. Not far from Bonifacio you will find the beach or cove of Stagnolu, among the nudist beaches of Corsica. This beach due to its small size, access only by sea or on foot and the way the coast is shaped enjoys a very intimate atmosphere.

Roccapina cove (Corsica)

On the south west coast, not far from Bonifacio, is the beach of Roccapina: a small beach of white sand set between rocky cliffs. Reached on foot the Torre di Roccapina, which gives its name to the beach, you can descend on the opposite side and enjoy the beach of Erbaju, beautiful never busy and wild.

Silver beach (Corsica)

Located in the gulf of Murtoli, near Roccapina, in an ambiance of rare beauty. It is a small but captivating peaceful beach and its rocky cliffs give it a paradise like character. Difficult to reach except by sea, it gives its visitors breathtaking panoramas and dives into a Caribbean like sea.

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