Navigating to "another level"

We are the only charter company to offer unique and stylish experience to our customers: on top of best-in-class sailing yachts (Bali, Lagoon, Fountain Pajot in the Catamarans and Beneteau and Jeanneau in the Monohulls), we offer all inclusive immersive and stylish “boutique style” accessories and services, creating a huge gap with standard competitors’ offers. All the amenities since today reserved to mega-yachts, have been tested and adapted to all of our fleet, for an absolutely unforgettable "next level" vacation!

Of course you can choose the best-in-class yachts with various standard accessories on board, like water-maker, generator, inverter and electric toilets, but when it comes to the details, then arises the difference: let us please your holidays touching all of your 5 senses!

Discover here below what we are talking about: every “Boutique Style” yacht of ours is set-up, all-inclusive.

3 styles, 3 packages


Discover our Fleet

Pro crews

Our crew is not only specialized in commanding boats and cooking delicacies, they also add value by sharing with you the secluded cove where to anchor for the next night under the stars or where to land fo a special walk in the sunset or where to go for a super fish dinner. In three words: they share empathy.

selection of wines and oils

Italy is homeland of the best wines in the world. Every region has very special wines to offer to delight your sunset aperitivos and dinners. Enjoy our high-end selection of wines from Sicily, Sardinia or Campania without choosing from unknown supermarkets or strange suggestions (pay by consume at check-out).

nespresso with 50 capsules

Who doesn’t remember George
Clooney's TV ad while tasting his Nespresso on the Italian shores? We have been inspired by him and added 5 different coffe tastes with 10 capsules each. Delight your palate at breakfast as well as after dinner.

cozy decorations

There’s a “female” touch in our
dinette and rooms. Small details, which make the ambient much more cozy and familiar. The essence of the “boutique”
concept is in the details. You will love our sea-inspired decorations.

Water slider

Once it was only for super-yachts; today Dreams Horizon has developed its 2,5 m high custom version fitting perfectly any yacht in our fleet. Kids and adults will simply get mad launching themselves in the warm and safe waters around our yacht!

Floating island

When you want to escape from onboard with a cool beer, here is the perfect solution! Inflatable in 5’, just rope it to the yacht and enjoy the breeze and the waves “pied-dans-l’eau” up to 6 people.

sea scooters x2

These premium electric Yamaha
submersible machines will pull you for hours around your yacht: discover with your friends and kids the beauties of our warm Mediterranean waters.

SUPs with paddle x2

The super-famous floating board is there for you to take a trip around your yacht and discover hidden coves, small beaches or simply for the fun of challenging friends to stay balanced on it!

snorkeling masks x 4

No need to carry them from home, travel light and enjoy the easy breathing of the original Decathlon face masks (2x S/M size and 2x L/XL size) to discover shores, fishes and coral barriers altogether with friends and family. And you can also talk in them!

fishing set x2

It may not be your primary passion, but in the Mediterranean it's very easy to fish, especially from a yacht. Enjoy our ready to go fishing sets and challenge your buddies about the biggest chase of the day!

Barbecue fired by gas

What is open-air life with a barbecue? Free on board you’ll find a cool grill where to cook the delicious local meats or tasty fishes in full party mode even on a yacht! Incredible dinners are waiting for you!

free wi-fi

What is better than sharing your sailing charter experience pics, clips and lives with your friends & relatives at no cost and without any roaming problem? We offer you free wi-fi on any yacht of ours!

electric scooter

Mooring in a Marina means Capitanery office visit, toilet, shopping: long walks after a long day at sea: we have selected the best electric scooter from Nexity to make your port visit much more pleasant.

Cotton hammock

It’s the most simple but most
desired accessory on board. Let you roll by the sweet rythm of the waves floating over the aft of your yacht: impossible not to fall asleep!

Relax sun chairs x2

Regulate them in one of the many positions you like for your neck, back, legs. They are soft cells filled but also have an internal rigid frame, so you can adapt them as you like.

Sunscreen set

Annoying airport procedures are finished! Yachting is a full-sun experience, so we have selected 3 creams for you to arrive by us without any hassle: 3 dispensers (1 spf50, 1 spf 30 and 1 after-sun) in an elegant pouch are our welcome gift to you.


We really love our sea and we could not pretend that shampooing deeply damages both fauna and flora in the blue waters. So we have searched and found an eco-shampoo, which we gift you in any shower onboard.

Face & Beach Towels

Finely sewed, we offer in use these nice high-quality beach towels (2 each Guest). No need to fly with heavy overweight luggage, we know hat it means, so let your beach towels at home when sailing with us and relax under the sun.

2 'on video of your yachting boutique