Here you can find a lot of Q&A to understand if a Yachting holiday is a good idea for me, family and/or friends.

It depends on how comfortable your crew feels with wave movements of the yacht. There is no way to avoid them, even in port there will always be some minimal shaking, this is the only negative side of yachting.

You can easily minimize, if not cancel these disturbs by taking IN ADVANCE (do not wait for sickness) some special pills like Mercalm, Travelgum, Valontan or Xamamina, which you can find in any Pharmacy everywhere.

A resort offers you large common spaces, one or two common beaches, several with attractions and a lot of people around you.

With a Yacht you have no boundaries: just head your aft where you want and go! No overcrowded beaches, no road cues, no shouting people, no unpleasant neighbours, no shoes, no wallet.

And on a Yacht you can reach secluded coves, secret beaches, crystal water solitary bays, moor in exclusive marinas, chase the sun, swim and fish in pure tranquillity, take breakfast, dinners and appetizers with your feet in the water....

Yachting is a privilege, just notice how people walking on the pier or spending crowded day-trips look at you!

A Yacht is a comfortable space on the sea, but it is not like a hotel, it's a small floating villa.

Most of the cabins are with double beds, but any cabin has its own toilet and shower, for your intimacy.

Furthermore on the catamarans you can find a lot of space in dinette, in the front cockpit and also on the fly not to stay obligatorily 24/7 chick-to-chick.

Even if we have welcomed Guests with 1,5 y.o kids, we suggest to come with kids older than 3 years. For their safety and for Parents' peace of mind and relax. They have to be aware of what they do and where they go.

In any case, for any kid protection, all of our Yachts can adopt, on request, a safety net all around it.

We suggest anything to stay under the sun, but also a sweater or a light jacket in case of windy evenings.

No more big luggages: we are the only charter company to offer you, included in our packages, our premium set of sun creams (50 spf, 30 spf, after-sun), our eco-shampoons, a haidryer and full set of face and sun towels!

All of our bases have very close supermarkets, all of them offering special food for people in diet or with intolerances.

In case you want us to go for provisioning, let us know in advance your needs and we'll take care of all.

The largest yachts (Catamarans 48+) have mandatory skipper, while any other yacht can be rented with or without, depending on the captain's skills, experience and confidence, who, in any case, must give proof of having a valid sailing license.

The Skipper needs a single room (or the front bunk) and food provisioning from Guests. We can suggest some professional ones, very expert about specific sailing areas, but the final payment and agreement will happen between Guest and Skipper at check-in.

A Hostess is a great solution for those who want full relax on-board. She will take care of cleaning rooms, common areas and toilets. She needs a single room (or the front bunk) and food provisioning from Guests.

The weather is a difficult to predict thing, but some areas are more windy than others for sure.

North Sardinia can easily get up to 30 Knots even in full summer, even if the transfers from one location to the other are really small (3-5 Miles).

East Sicily and Capri-Amalfi coast in summer are very calm (0-10 Knots) and transfers are longer (10-15 miles).

West Sicily is calm, but can bring fresh airs (10-15 Knots), with a first transfer Sicily-Egadi islands fairly long (60 miles).

If you have a skipper on board, he has all the competencies to make the right decision, with safety always prevailing on other aspects.

If Guests are sailing bareboat, they should choose protected coves from the prevailing forecasted winds, sandy backdrops and space enough to have the yacht moving around the anchor without hitting rocks and other boats, even in case of 360° movements. If these conditions are not found, better to head for a port, remembering that in summer they can be fully booked since the morning.

Planning with sailing is close to impossible: you move around mixing your needs but mainly referring to wind and waves conditions, not forgetting your crew comfort. Plane different scenarios every day, so to be able to adapt to changing weather conditions and/or overcrowded areas. Just set your itinerary so that the last day you are not far away, whatever will be the conditions, to get back to our base in time.

A yacht never consumes all the gasoline in 1 week. On the other hand water is a scarse resource on board and should be used with care by all the guests, even in case of water-maker on board.

The most demanding crews can consume the water tanks in 2 days, while the standard crews can plan just a water refueling during the week. In case of watermaker you can stay at sea all the week long.

All of our bases have very close supermarkets, all of them offering special food for people in diet or with intolerances.

Before check-in you can go for shopping and prepare your provisioning while we are cleaning and setting-up your yacht to let you go asap.

In any case whenever you'll decide to enter a port, you will always find supermarkets close to the marina: these are touristic ports intended exactly to serve you. So do not overload your galley, you can always refill it anywhere.

With Dreams Horizon you will find, included in our packages, a premium set of sun creams (50 spf, 30 spf, after-sun), our eco-shampoons, a haidryer and full set of face and sun towels!

It's a big added-value: you can fly to our bases with just a simple trolley and forget to board bug luggages on the plane!

All of our Yachts are fully Kasko insured and regularly mantained, so total peace-of-mind for our Guests. Nonetheless, in case of serious problems which requests our urgent intervention, we'll be able to reach you with a rescue-boat and spare parts. The spare parts have no costs, but the rescue-boat will be charged for 500 € to the Guests in case of clear responsibility from the Guests in the damage (e.g.: rocks collision, helix trapped in rope, ripped sail, etc...). On the other hand, if the damage happened for unpredictable reasons (e.g.: battery failure, engine malfunction, etc...), the rescue-boat fee will not be applied to the Guests.

118 is the urgent medical emergency national number, working with any phone from any country.

112 is the Police national number working with any phone from any country.

For any other kind of need, your Pilot Book on the yacht reports the local telephone numbers of your need.

Of course on board you have the whole mandatory emergency stuff, which your Skipper is able to use to face any happening.

This definition of the yacht is based on several factors as explained below:

Luxury: big rooms, big common areas, air conditioning, micro-oven, watermaker, generator.

Superior: average room size and common areas, electric ventilators, micro-oven.

Comfort: smaller rooms size or 10+ years old yacht (even if at premium level like our FP 46 Baja).

A Yacht is much more than an hotel room: beside cleaning it, we need to maintain (and sometimes repair) a lot of stuff: engines, electronics, electric devices, accessories, so to provide you a perfect machine for your desired holidays. And we have only few hours to do this between the last check-out and your check-in. This is why we ask comprehension and stick to the same schedule of any other charter company: Yacht is free to go from Saturday at 17:00 and Yacht must be left free from Guest within 9:00 on next Saturday.

Of course you can check-in with all your documents by the office any time you want on Saturday at your arrival.

Unlike all the other Yachts, the Bali 5.4 JACUZZI (the biggest by far in the fleet) come with full
Master Crew on board included in the price: Skipper, Hostess and Chef are included in this price,
for a real Luxury vacation on Yacht. The 4 Bali 5.4 JACUZZI of our fleet are the only Bali 5.4 in
the world equipped with an amazing Jacuzzi pool installed on the flybridge

The possession of a boat license (Category a or higher) in Italy is mandatory for the command of yachts longer than 10 meters or less than 24 meters (vessels and pleasure boats) in the following cases:

  • when navigating over 6 miles from the coast;
  • on pleasure crafts with installed on board an engine with a displacement of more than 750 cm³, or 1,000 cm³ if with four-stroke carburetion outboard or if with direct injection, or 1,300 cm³ if with four-stroke carburetion inboard, or 2,000 cm³ if diesel cycle;
  • on pleasure craft with installed on board an engine of more than 30 kW (40.8 HP), regardless of the displacement and type of fuel.

Dreams Horizon Yachting always requires a Category A boat license if the rental is bareboat.


Read here all those details you'd like to know before booking with us.

Your Booking price is composed by: Yacht rental, Obligatory pack, eventually Boutique/Fun/Relax pack add-on. It odes not include accessories and services, which can be pre-booked along this process, but will be paid when doing the check-in by our bases.

We use a simple schema. When you select a yacht& period you place a Reservation, which becomes a binding Booking as soon as we receive your first 25% payment. So the schema is like this:

* 25% when doing your Reservation: you can pay by Paypal and Credit/Debit card immediately on our website, or send a bank Transfer within 5 days [FIRST PAYMENT];

* 25% not closer than 90 days from check-in date [INTERMEDIATE PAYMENT];

* 50% not closer than 30 days before boarding [FIRST PAYMENT].

As any Kasko insurances, your yacht is protected by any kind of accident that may happen, both involuntary and with responsibility. This transforms radically the way of living your holidays: a Yacht is a multi-tons complex machine and even the most expert sailors can do mistakes which can be very expensive in terms of reparations.

We have seen so many quarrels at check-out by our competitors for request of payments of damages not clearly attributable to you or to the previous Guests. So we have decided to fully insure all the yachts with a Kasko.

The only thing you could be asked to pay, is the rescue-boat intervention (500 €) in case the damage has been caused by you and you want immediate reparation. Of course the spare parts will not be charged.

Said this, you are no more asked to leave any Security Deposit.

Our contract is the standard one provided by charter companies managing yacht like us. Yachts belong to different owners, including Dreams Horizon in first person, so the contract we propose is always related to Customer-Owner, binding the two entities for the selection desired by the Customer, while Dreams Horizon is responsible for the whole Booking and Customer service processes.

The Yacht's owner has no direct relation with the Customer, while Dreams Horizon is the sole entity to interact with the Customer, in the name of the Yacht owner.

You can read a sample of our Contract by reading our Terms & Conditions

Provided that your yacht is available in your new week selection, you can contact us to organize this. In case of price downgrade we cannot pay-bak the difference, in case of price upgrade you'll be asked to pay the due difference within 72 h from the written request.

The same logic is applied on Yacht change process.

Unlike any other charter company, we do not ask to you any Security Deposit: this is one of the many advantages of our Kasko insurance.

In the unlucky event of trip cancelation, you have the option to re-sell it to some of your contacts (inform us in order to apply changes to contract) without loosing a penny.

If you have no chance to resell your contract, you can ask for a coupon worth the value paid till that moment, to be used within 16 months from the initially booked week(s).

We remind you that you have 10 days after a missed payment to fix your contract change (as by the options mentioned before). Beyond this deadline the booking will be canceled and no refund request will be accepted.

Firts of all: you are 100% protected by our full Kasko insurance, which means that spare parts and damages to yacht and properties are 100% covered by the insurance, as well as the technical work to be performed in the Marina to repair damages and malfunctions.

If your damage needs the intervention of the Rescue-Boat, we are obliged to charge you 500 € forfait for the special service requested. This fee is due both for malfunctions and caused damages if the Guests require immediate reparation wherever they are. It is intended that spare parts will not be charged at all.

You can come to office any time on your arrival, but the official Check-in (Yacht free to go) will be Saturday from 17:00. If your yacht will be ready faster we'll be happy to let you go before.

Check-out (Yacht free from Guests) must strictly happen within 9:00 on last Saturday. By contract the Yacht must be back in the Marina within 18:00 of the last friday, thus to allow eventual complex reparations or modifications to be done properly and in time. Guests can anyway enjoy last sleep on board in the Marina and leave the Yacht on Saturday morning.

Yes, it is possible: you can exceptionally ask to have your Yacht free from 13:00 or to board after 20.00, by paying an extra as presented in the contract and in the booking system.


This section is dedicated to all the amenities and the services you can add to your Yacht to customise in details your vacation.

Any of the three packs is an upgrade of the previous: the Relax pack is the core package and is applied only on Monohulls. The Fun package includes a lot of amenities mainly intende for active and sport oriented Guests: it fits only catamarans from 40' to 49'. The Boutique package includes some minor upgrade to the Fun package, up-lifting the Yacht set-up to real mega-yacht experience.

You can read of them more in details by clicking here.

Your Skipper is a sea professional who not only holds proper Yachting License, but also knows very well the local sailing areas, its beautiful locations and also its dangers.

As Commander of the Yacht he is responsible to conduct it, to navigate in the respect of laws and regulations, to guarantee the Crew's security in any moment. For this reason he could take decisions that seem not in line with your requests, but which give for sure priority to security, which is his legal duty in front of the Law.

He will help with accessories management and will ask for some help where it is honestly needed some support, such as in floating water slider or mooring in a marina.

The Skipper sleeps in his bow bunk (or cabin, if available) and is supported with proper food by the Guests.

The Skipper is suggested by Dreams Horizon, but the agreement and the payment is always between Guests and himself without our intervention.

Only on Bali 5.4: the Skipper cost is included in the whole yacht price as binding part of its rental.

The Hostess on board is a great plus for full relax holidays. She will clean rooms, toilets and common areas, helping to serve dishes (but without cooking) and clean them when finished.

The Hostess sleeps in her bow bunk (or cabin, if available) and is supported with proper food by the Guests.

The Hostess is suggested by Dreams Horizon, but the agreement and the payment is always between Guests and herself without our intervention.

Only on Bali 5.4: the Hostess cost is included in the whole yacht price as binding part of its rental.

The Chef is available only on our Bali 5.4 yachts, where he is responsible for cooking three times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), following the Guests requests and, if asked, suggesting local delicacies. He can also handle different menus per cook-period in case of special diet of a Guest(s).

The Chef sleeps in his cabin and is supported with proper food by the Guests.

The Chef cost is included in the whole yacht price as binding part of its rental.

We will put you in contact with your Skipper and, if you like him, you can pay him directly when boarding.

About accessories: during the booking process you can select the package you want (Boutique, Fun, Relax) depending on the kind of yacht you have chosen. This pack will be counted as part of the yacht booking.

Other minor accessories can be booked during the same process (e.g.: safety net, 2nd set of towels, gennaker, etc...), but they will be paid at check-in.

All these steps are clearly stated during your booking process.

The Water Slider and the Floating Island are max 40 Kg heavy, but a bit complex to pull out from the storage area and to put them down in the water. That is why they are part of packages (Boutique and relax) where the Skipper is mandatory: he is instructed to handle them properly, for your total fun and full security.

Yes, of course, provided they are available, you can even choose everything you want from packs to accessories and services

First of all: we (the Founders) are real sea-lovers since our childhood. Driven by this passion we have built our job around our beloved sea, which we want to preserve at our best. For this reason we are partnering with 4Oceans, a Public Benefit and Certified B corporation whose mission is to sell products made of plastics collected all over the seas in the world, in order to expand more and more their valuable ecological organization.

In addition to this, where we can we install solar panels to generate electricity on board of your yacht and we provide you with eco-friendly shampoons and sun creams, to respect the flora and the fauna of the seas where we sail.

We love sea, we do what we promise: respect it and give back something to it thanks organizations like 4Oceans.