A Mix of wild nature and nightlife: 2 holidays in one!

Our charter base is located in the brand new touristic port of Capo d'Orlando (our base), a modern and elegant structure located on the north coast of Sicily, 130 km from Catania (2 hours by car) and 190 km from Palermo (2 hours and half by car).

Capo d'Orlando is the closest starting point to reach Aeolian Islands, just 15 nm far, in 2-3 sailing hours, you arrive in the nearest island, Vulcano Island.

The volcanic origin of these islands provides them with a natural environment full of wonderful beaches, bays, caves, creeks and rocks of incomparable beauty and a great variety of seabed. For all of these characteristics the archipelago has been included among the UNESCO sites.

Here you will find any kind of summer holidays style: in Lipari you'll taste the best sea-food ever such as the small shops in the characteristics small streets of the main village, while in Panarea you'll love to dance in one of the many clubs where young people from all over the world enjoy wordless sunsets and incredibly bright skies full of stars.

Throughout the archipelago, however, a lifestyle based on relaxation and silence prevails.

Alicudi island

It is still possible to be surprised by the simplest things on the island of Alicudi and to rediscover its  bare essentials. You can admire the cultivated terraces, the colourful fishing boats of fishermen who never fail to deliver the freshest fish. Alicudi is like a fascinating and sensual woman damned by her own raw and rugged beauty. A wild and rugged island whose beauty was created by the ancient and violent explosions of the volcanic eruptions.

Filicudi island

Filicudi is the perfect location for lovers of culture and natural beauty. The uncontaminated flora and fauna and beautiful beaches of Capo Graziano are an ideal setting for a sensational holiday, from the views to the fragrances, not least, for your taste buds which will be delighted by the typical and very local Filicudi style Mediterranean dishes.

Lipari island

The largest island on the Eolian archipelago, it has a large percentage of services and businesses, for this reason it is considered most suitable for ‘citizens’. Lipari is not only appreciated as a tourist destination because of the fascinating landscape, it is also considered a pearl of culture and art: Lipari is the epicenter of the history of the Eolian islands.

Salina island

Salina is the ‘garden’ of the Eolie islands, far from bright city lights, it escapes the rhythms of modern day life, a very welcoming green oasis which enchants you with its luxurious nature and for the closely guarded traditions of its islanders.

Stromboli island

This is the black pearl which has always attracted lovers of uncontaminated nature and complete relax. “Iddu”, an incredible volcano overlooking the sea, boiling and bubbling in spectacular fashion building to the height of its show during the dark hours of the night will surprise you with bright lava explosions thrown high into a star studded sky.

Panarea island

The small island of Panarea is the ideal location to fully enjoy the beauty of the coastline which presents itself rich with inlets and enticing views. The beaches are all located on the eastern and southern sides of the island, the remainder of the islands coastline is so steep it is almost completely inaccessible. The other beaches can be found close by on the islands of Basiluzzo and Lisca Bianca easily reachable with our catamaran.

Basiluzzo island

The small island of Basiluzzo emerges from the sea just a short two miles from Panarea. It is one of the youngest craters in the underwater volcanic formation, and is completely uninhabited.

From 1991 Basiluzzo has been a natural reserve which, if visited in absolute silence allows you to immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere in which volcanic rock formations join with rosemary plants, dwarf palms, capers and lemons.

Circumnavigating this island on board of our catamaran, you will experience unique emotions accompanied by unforgettable swims close to shore. 

Vulcano island

A perfect picture of sea and sky, the colours of which combine perfectly with those of the other six islands, also visible is the mighty volcano of Stromboli which seems to send smoke signals to its visitors who admire it from the opposite hilltop. The natural heat,  due to the presence of the sulphuric waters and the god Apollo who kisses and commands the beloved south, makes Vulcano famous for its thermal baths and beaches of black sand.

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