catamarans shipyard

From 20 to 700 catamarans built per year in a decade: our main catamaran supplier, a worldwide leading innovator!

The most efficient and performing catamarans are marked FP: especially selected into our fleet for the most sporty Guests.

The market leader provides us the latest and most elegant catamarans in the market to enchant any customer.

Monohull shipyards

Elegance and comfort are the first words that come in mind when you see a Bavaria yacht under sails. For true "sea lovers".

The leading shipyard in the world has one motto in mind: innovation. Be on the edge with the most performing yachts in the sea.

Jeanneau made of performance their religion., but without forgetting style and comfort. The perfect mix for sailing with fun.

other partners

Our 360° Marketing strategy specialists: the factory behind our website, socials and digital advertising worldwide

Premium supplier of electric scooters: moving our staff everywhere in the marinas and making our Yachts the most envied!

Drones, underwater cameras, story-boarding and post production: every image and video is "Made in Rome".

A worldwide scaled "public benefit" corporation and Certified B Corp, 100% committed to ending the ocean plastic crisis.

Italian leader community / tour operator 100% dedicated to family trips with kids fro 2 to 18 y.o. in the est locations worldwide