Brand Genesys

Everything was born far away, in the early memories of our childhood, where our minds reach the boundaries of what happened first after our birth. And both Giuseppe and Stefano remember of salty air, sweet waves, fun in the water, small fishes playing around our feet and warm hugs from Dad and Mum.

It happened there, by the sea, where our imprinting was done: a dream about our lifestyle was born, so far away that it reaches the horizon of our soul even nowadays.

Growing into adolescence and later on as young adults we experimented any possible fun in the sea. Giuseppe went on sailing and racing any possible moment of his life, winning many Italian Championships and finally attending the XXVI Olympic Games as Head Coach of the Italian Sailing Team.

On the other hand Stefano lived any possible adventure all over the world: windsurfing, deep diving, sailing, kitesurfing, surfing, discovering islands, oceans and coves from the Mediterranean sea to the Australian reef, Hawaii, Caribbean, Maldives, Seychelles, Baja California, Red Sea…

It was not always fun, we also faced mortal dangers and scary situation, thus growing also our respect for "His Majesty", the Sea.

The love for Sea has never come down, while our consciousness about its power and fragility has become the lighthouse of our behaviour, consolidating our passion for sailing: by racing, by cruising for fun and relax with friends and family, but always respecting and protecting it.

We have to go back to those early days in the late 60s, where these two kids started to love the Sea and play with it in any possible way: it was and still is a DREAM arriving from the HORIZON of our souls, inspiring all of us to look forward towards the infinite and live their dreams same as we do.

That is why our company could only be named in this way: DREAMS HORIZON YACHTING.