COVID Warranty


Our company continues to closely monitor the situation regarding the Coronavirus and we understand the uncertainty caused to our customers about their reservations and vacation planning for the 2022 season.

Therefore we have foreseen the following:

  1. in the event of restrictions between the Lessee's country of residence and the charter base where the booking is made, it is possible to cancel the charter and a non-transferable voucher will be issued to the Lessee, valid until 04/11/2023;
  2. the issuance of a voucher may also be required in the following cases:

- if the Italian borders or those of the Lessee's country of residence are formally closed during the charter period;

- if a quarantine of at least 7 days is imposed on travelers returning from a holiday to their country of residence (the country must be communicated at the time of booking);

- if, on the charter dates, the sailing holiday or non-essential journeys are formally prohibited in the area where the charter begins or in the Lessee's place of residence.

It is also specified as follows:

- the obligation to undergo a Covid-19 molecular test (PCR) before or after the trip, or the obligation to vacate, does not give the right to benefit from the issue of the voucher;

- the cancellation for the case of Covid illness of the Lessee (other crew members are excluded) will not be accepted if communicated less than 21 days from the start date of the charter;

- interruptions in transport services are not a sufficient condition for obtaining the voucher.

Therefore, we have updated our booking policy as follows:

  1. for charters already booked, in the presence of the conditions indicated in points 1 and 2, it is possible to change the dates, provided that the departure remains in 2022 and the charter area remains the same. If the rescheduled booking is more expensive then the price difference will be charged;
  2. for future bookings made starting from today and until further notice, the first deposit required will be equal to 50%;
  3. the balance payment (50%) for current and future bookings can be made up to 30 days. before the charter commencement date;
  4. for future bookings and for charters already booked for which rescheduling is necessary for 2023 for the reasons indicated in points 1 and 2, it will be possible to reschedule the charter and a non-transferable voucher will be issued to the Lessee with validity until to 04/11/2023 under the following conditions:
  5. the charter / base area must remain the same;
  6. if the booking will be rescheduled again in 2022 and will be more expensive, due to a higher price range, then the difference in price will be charged;

iii. if the reservation is rescheduled in 2023 then the 2023 price list will apply and the price difference will be charged.

However, if the rescheduling in 2023 is required after having paid the balance of the original charter and the new period has the same price range, then the 2022 price list will be maintained and there will be no surcharge. If, on the other hand, the new period has a higher price range, the surcharge will be charged, always calculating it on the 2022 price list.