Our Values


It comes from the love for the sea and its creatures.We try to preserve the magnificence of this natural environment by trying to go with sail as much as we can, by boarding only eco-shampoos and recyclable dishes and forks/knives, using the solar panels as much as we can and collecting the waste in the most rational way. But it's also a matter of respect for the trust that our Guests have placed in us: your vacations are the well-deserved rest time for you and your family, we know this and we'll do our best to make them pass in the most pleasant way.


Sailing or even just cruising around is not always easy: we are there since the very first qualification moment till after you have disembarked, to offer you the most rewarding experience ever. Mother Nature has helped us a lot, giving us the most incredible cruising spots in the planet: Italy! But to get the best from this you must expect the best from us. We commit to support you day and night to let you go home with an "unforgettable memory" to tell around for the next 365 days. We also commit to preserve the sea, by partnering with 4Ocean.com, a worldwide organization committed to clean the seas from the plastic waste: visit their website and help them to make our fantastic world a bit cleaner.


Unlike the Marketplaces (it is not bad will, simply they can't do it, dealing with hundreds of sellers) and some competitors, we put in clear since the very beginning all our costs, we insure your yacht with a full Kasko and do not ask any deposit. It's a matter of respect: for your money, your trust, your time and your expectations. A charter holidays is not cheap and it's full of variables: putting everything in clear since our first contact is the best way to build trust and ensure your satisfaction.


The Sea can give use incredible fun, but can also turn wild without pre-advise. That is why we feel the excitement of sailing: it's still an adventure left to us in a too modern and "easy" world. With this consciousness we prepare our Staff and Yachts at our best, with no compromises at all. We cannot predict unwanted happenings, but for sure we can create the conditions to avoid them and, eventually, manage them with your safety as our priority.

Security is also giving you full warranty via Paypal and Stripe strict Customers' protection rules, using a 128 it SSL encryption and offering a coupon to redeem in the next 16 months in the unlucky situation of a booking cancelation.


It's the reason why you are cruising: we know it, we'll do our best to create the conditions which are the most valuable for any kind of guest we'll host onboard of our yachts. You may be sporty, or party-oriented, relax driven or adventure seeker, our staff will recognize this and will adapt any resource to support your expectations. Call it "service", call it "customer-oriented-approach", for us it's simply "love for our job with you".